#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo

Yes! I Want The Benefits Of This Program!

Our Training is where we specialize…NO experience needed, and you DON’T need to be in shape to GET STARTED…and YES you are co-ordinated enough!
WHY?…..You deserve the best and all it takes is this FIRST STEP where you will finally find the solution to all your health and fitness needs…And the MOST OUTSTANDING part is you will love and look forward to our classes. Just ask any of our students!
#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo
#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo
#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo

1 Week* Trial - only $47!

*Trial includes 2 weekday classes  in our Kajukenbo program.

Our programs are an all-in-one, comprehensive fitness system that have been scientifically designed to help you:

#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo

Tim L

"The best thing I ever did for my mind and body was to walk through the door at Empire."

Mike F

Yesterday's Kajukenbo class at Empire Defense & Fitness really pushed me! I left feeling out of breath, but in a good way. I could really feel myself working hard. By the end, I felt energized and accomplished, I'm glad I decided to go. Thanks to Alan for his encouragement – it made a difference!

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