#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo


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KAJUKENBO: America's Original Martial Arts System.....Adults Only

What Exactly is KAJUKENBO all about…..

In it’s simplest form, KAJUKENBO is all about helping you react to a threat with power and precision, using instinctive movements to stay safe in the face of danger.

What makes it unique is it uses natural Self Defense strategies that are quick and effective.

It combines striking and blocking skills that don’t rely on size and strength while improving situational awareness and reaction times to a threat.

#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo

THE MARTIAL ART SYSTEM you always wanted to TRAIN in.....

That system is KAJUKENBO and its uniqueness is that it has constantly evolved and adapted to the changing times. The system is not static, and new techniques and strategies are altered as needed.

This means that KAJUKENBO is always up-to-date, and practitioners are constantly learning new skills to help them deal with real-life situations


It's not about memorizing techniques, but the broader context and being able to adapt and improvise.

Kajukenbo, is an ever-evolving system that values creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement. This approach ensures that your training will never be dull, and you’ll always have new challenges to overcome.

#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo
#1 Self Defense - Kajukenbo

The ULTIMATE Alternative To Traditional Martial Arts....NO FORMS....Just PURE Training

In addition to the physical training, Kajukenbo places a great emphasis on the mental aspect of personal development.

Through the practice of Martial Arts values such as respect, honor, and integrity, participants can cultivate discipline, focus, confidence, and humility. These values not only apply to Martial Arts but also to everyday life, making this system an excellent tool for personal growth.

Kajukenbo is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their physical fitness and personal development. With its combination of rigorous training sessions and the practice of Martial Arts values, participants can achieve a well-rounded approach to overall health and well-being.

Training in America's Original MMA SYSTEM
will bring a host of benefits to your life
Adult Martial Arts - Original MMA

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